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Since 1929, the Tardella Family has been servicing the Food Industry with the finest ingredients.  Our expertise, exceptional service, dedication and loyalty make us the leading distributor of grain-based ingredients in the industry today. 


Our History

 In the early 1900’s, Oreste Tardella, as a young man, immigrated to Chicago from his home in Northern Italy. After serving in the U.S. Army in Europe during World War I, he returned with his wife to Chicago. During that time, Chicago was fast becoming a center of macaroni and pasta manufacturing.  Being a very well educated man, Oreste was asked by many of these new macaroni companies to help start their businesses. So he brought over, from Italy, much of the equipment needed to manufacture pasta.
After construction was complete, these new companies turned again to Oreste for help in acquiring the main ingredient needed to produce their pasta, Durum Semolina.  
In 1929, so began Tardella Flour Company. 
In the early 1950’s Oreste’s son Robert graduated from college and came to work for Tardella Flour Company.  During the time Robert owned the business, he expanded the product line to include many items needed to supply not only pasta manufacturing but bakeries also.
Tardella Foods, Inc. as it is now known, is in its 3rd generation of Tardella family ownership; as Robert’s son Steve now runs the family business, with the 4th generation of Tardella’s following in their Great Grandfather’s footsteps.
Tardella Foods is a major supplier to some of the United States’ finest pasta producers, baking companies, blending companies and many other food manufacturing businesses.  We still do business with companies our Grandfather sold to.  We specialize in grain based commodities and are committed to servicing our customers with the highest quality products and the same personal service that would make our Grandfather proud. 

Some of Our Products



- Hard Spring Wheat Flours: Short Patent, Standard Patent, Hi-Gluten, Fancy 1st Clear
- Hard Winter Wheat Flours: All Purpose, Pizza Flour, Hotel & Restaurant
- King Arthur Flour
- Soft Wheat Flours: Hi Ratio Cake, Red & White Wheat Pastry
- Durum Wheat Flours: #1 Semolina, Extra Fancy Durum & Fancy Durum Flour (North Dakota)
- Stone Ground Whole Wheat: Fine, Medium, Coarse, and Cracked
- Rye Flours: White, Medium, Dark, Rye Chops, Rye Meal
- Wheat Germ, Baker's Bran, Whole Wheat Berries
- Organic Spring Wheat Flour, Organic Semolina
- Specialty Milled Chinese Noodle Flour


- Yellow Corn Flour
- Yellow Corn Meal: Fine, Medium, and Coarse
- Pregelatinized Corn Flour
- Corn Starches: PFP Starch, Modified Dusting Starch


- Rolled Oats
- Baby Rolled Oats
- Oat Flour
- Oat Bran
- Steel Cut Oats 


- Potato Flakes
- Potato Flour


- Sesame: White Hulled, Natural
- Caraway
- Poppy
- Flax
- Sunflower
- Millet
- Fennel
- Pumpkin Seeds
- Full Line of Dried Spices & Herbs


- Granulated Sugar: Beet and Cane
- Brown Sugar: Light, Medium, Dark
- Powdered Sugar
- Guaranteed Pure U.S. Light Amber Honey
- Corn Syrup
- Molasses
- Rice Flour
- Barley Flakes
- Seven Grain Cereal & Eight Grain Cereal
- Pure Ground Cinnamon
- Vital Wheat Gluten
- Chopped and Minced Dried Onion
- Tapioca Flour
- Spelt Flour
- Soy Flour
- Milk Powder and Whey Powder
- Full Array of Salts
- Dry Yeast and Baking Powder
- Nuts & Dried Fruits: Pecans, Walnuts, Almonds, Raisins (Midget, Select, and Golden), Dried Cranberries
- Mixes & Bases: Full Line Distributor of Mixes & Bases for Caravan (Corbion)

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Tardella Foods, Inc.

1100 W. Lake St. Suite # 200 Oak Park, IL 60301

708-434-5050 or 773-889-8544